RainbowMoon Art Studio

RainbowMoon's Artist Statement


Just like an improvising drummer feels the rhythm develop and change as the piece progresses, I too allow my work to develop and change.  It is rhythmic, meditative, repeating, flowing, and trancing. I have no attachment to the outcome; it becomes what it becomes. In this way, I open to whatever surfaces.  I am often surprised and delighted by what emerges in the final images.

There is a way my energy moves when I create these images that yields complete engagement – everything else disappears. Much like the act of dancing, I have a physical response to the rhythms within me or around me and this expresses itself onto the piece. This creates a deep peace within me, one that slays the anxieties and challenges of the day and allows me a space to reflect on the many joys and gifts as well.

All of my images are anoetic:  that is, there is no conscious thought or predetermined direction to them. I simply allow them to flow on a stream of pure sensation. It’s terrific fun, this letting go.  I find the image itself becomes secondary. To me, the “art” aspect is the deep feeling of connectedness and re-membering that I immerse in; how all the imperfections come together to create a perfect and magical whole.

This is something I have to be reminded of constantly – to accept that nothing is perfect, yet there is perfection in all things. How the circles represent the shape and movement of all life, of the deep love I feel when I move myself out of the way and just draw or paint from this open-hearted place free of ego, expectation and outcome. I accept everything that goes on the paper or canvas. Somehow, it is then that I become visible to myself.

I believe when others connect with one of my images, it is solely the work of the viewer, for without you, there is no art at all. You supply all you wish to see: you respond through your own unique experiences and feelings, allowing my pieces to touch you in a personal way.  So, I am grateful when someone takes the time to visit with one of my images. It lets me know you are creating art out of it. Only in this way am I the artist.

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